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THE Registration for GALLERY FASHION & SHOES digital IS OPEN!

Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital is Igedo Company’s international virtual trade show for fashion, shoes and accessories. The admission is exclusively restricted to trade visitors from the fashion, shoes and textile sectors. The admission is free of charge.

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Please log in with the login data you received with your booking confirmation.

To log in, please copy and paste the complete user name (email address + booking ID) and the booking ID as password. Once you are logged in, you will be in the foyer.

To visit an exhibitor’s stand, please click on the name on the exhibitor board in the foyer or click on the Exhibitor Database at the top left and select the exhibitor.

To contact an exhibitor, please click on the scrolling circle on the counter, a chat will open. Then select Join (Beitreten) and you can leave a message.

In the foyer you will also find a visitor service at the counter. To contact them, please click on the scrolling circle on the left side of the counter. The chat will now open and you can leave a message and will be informed/contacted.

In the foyer you can also see which media events (webinars) are offered. Simply click on the circle next to the word Media Events to open an information board with all the dates.

To view one of our one-off webinars, please select the rolling circle next to the word conference room in the foyer shortly before the start. The conference room will open.

On the top left you will see a button Selection (Auswahl). Click on this button to select the webinar in German or English (DMI Fashion Day – all webinars also in English).

To return to the foyer, please click on the word Foyer in the bar at the top.