Exhibitors statements Gallery January 2018

[ January 29, 2018 ]

Exhibitor feedback of Gallery, International Fashion Trade Show, 27–29 January 2018 in Düsseldorf.

Impressionen GalleryAzizi, Kim Hyldelund, owner

The new booth design perfectly shows off the avant-garde collections. The atmosphere here is great and highly conducive to productive working. We saw a high number of visitors on Sunday.

Bellissima Creation, Frau Marion Sauer, Sales Representative

The quality of visitors who came to our booth on Saturday was very high. We have also had a lot of very good orders placed today. We always enjoy coming to Gallery as we, and also our customers, value the great atmosphere here.

D-Tails, Patrick Coppolecchia-Reinartz, agency owner

Customers have been placing orders with us almost non-stop since the first day. As always, we are in the right place at the right time with Gallery. Our new ADD collection in particular has proven to be a real hit. This is a great tradeshow with a great atmosphere!

Agentur Feldges & Heidt, Michael Heidt, owner

This is our first time at Gallery. We are very impressed with the service, organisation and smooth running of the event. All of the customers we invited to meet us here came. So all in all, we are extremely satisfied.

Schuhagentur Gabi Heininger, Gabi Heininger, owner

For me, Gallery is an important, must-attend platform at the beginning of the season. I hope that in the future even more shoe exhibitors will take advantage of this early date. As always, the cooperation with the trade fair organiser is very pleasant and runs smoothly.

Die Hinterhofagentur, Dominik Meuer, owner

We are meanwhile a well-versed team with Igedo. Just like in previous seasons, our customers feel very much at home in the Areal Böhler and I hope that remains the case for a long time to come.

Hugenberg, Adrian Zeichner, owner

We always look forward to Gallery with great anticipation. And rightly so as there’s a lot to look forward to! Once again it was a resounding success, both in terms of the number of visitors to our booth and the fact that they were so international. We really hope that this continues in the future.

MAT Fashion, George Kalogerakis, Marketing & Development Manager

For us, Düsseldorf is the most important platform. Contacts aren’t only made here, but a lot of orders are also placed. Visitors appreciate the location and cool backdrop of the Areal Böhler.

Nör, Christian Nör, owner

Business is very much at the fore at Gallery. Here in Düsseldorf we meet lots of international customers and key accounts from all over Europe.

Sarah Pacini, Maite Ligot, Vertriebsleiterin

This is our first time back at Gallery in a long while. Our expectations have been fully met and everything has turned out great. We are looking forward to coming back. It certainly looks like we have found the right platform for our collection.

Ümit Ünal, Ümit Ünal, owner

Gallery is constantly developing with new strong brands being added to the portfolio of exhibitors. As well as our existing customers, we are also gaining increasing numbers of new buyers. And more and more representatives of online stores are also visiting the event.

Veto, Frau Vesna Smolcic-Blazevic, owner

Gallery has developed into an excellent order platform for us. The quality of the customers is very good and the audience is very international once again. What visitors really appreciate about Gallery is the great vibe here and the fact that they can find trends and information in one place. And there are plenty of parking spaces available too.

Yours Handelsagentur, Frau Anna Lulu-Gutmann, owner

We are presenting an accessories table for the first time. The concept is fantastic and the brands complement each other well. For us as a young company, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase our collections.