Gallery FASHION & SHOES September 2020

IGEDO Company’s concept, which has been adapted to the hugely changing market, is proving itself once again: “We are very satisfied with both the official three-day tradeshow period that is ending today, as well as the two additional days on either side for the Showroom concept – and we can say that Gallery FASHION is ending this edition on a par with the previous one. The good results in the Showroom area, in particular, are already attracting additional agencies as new exhibitors,” says Ulrike Kähler, Project Director and Managing Director of IGEDO Company.

New dynamism also thanks to the showroom concept

“A new sense of dynamism is clearly noticeable at the Gallery FASHION. Out in front is the showroom concept that had been undergoing a clear uplift with its unique feel and its incomparable assets at the next edition: with a new hall and a new date! Strategically powerful changes that are not only in tune with the needs of the markets but also offer solid options for the international trading agencies with a presence in Düsseldorf. The Kaltstahlhalle will for 5 days become the temporary showroom offering a setting that is stylish both in size and atmosphere.”

Ulrike Kähler, Project Director Gallery & Gallery SHOES as well as Managing Director of the trade fair organiser Igedo Company.