Welcome to Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital

Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital is the perfect alternative to the physical order show in these difficult and uncertain times. The digital order show gives you planning security and presents new solutions as well as a trade fair experience of a “by far” special kind.

On this platform, the focus will be on the dialogue between you and the exhibitor – for a successful order. At Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital you can expect a trade fair experience in a virtual environment. Personal discussions, product presentations, information material and a visit to a “trade fair stand” – you do not have to do without any of this virtually.

Gallery Digital Musterstand

How does a digital order platform work?

Social distance – presentation and communication without direct contact for visitors and exhibitors.

Location-independent – no mobility or travel restrictions.

Demo Video

Details & special features

  • Appointments can be arranged with all virtual exhibitors
  • No installation of additional software, the platform is browser-based
  • Interactive participation in a digital Gallery FASHION & Shoes with the highest quality of experience
  • 3D exhibition stands
  • Personal communication with the exhibitor via text chat function, video chat
  • The new digital version is “not an online shop”, however, but should emulate the same experience that visitors usually have at the Areal Böhler.
  • The digital hybrid format offers, among other things, an informative reception area, a conference zone for live or recorded media events such as the DMI Fashion Day or trend presentations with a high emotional recognition value.


  • List of exhibitors
    All virtual exhibitors are listed in the exhibitor directory. If you select an exhibitor, you will be taken directly to the exhibitor’s digital stand.
  • In the foyer you will have the opportunity to chat with the organisers or other visitors. The public chat, in which the organiser also participates, is always available.

REGISTRATION & Login codes

The online registration is open!


As a visitor of Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital you will receive your login code via the Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital online registration. With this login data you can visit the digital order platform.

The login code is only valid for the digital trade fair.

We are looking forward to your visit!